Over the past 28 years, Calia Maddalena providing an inspiring collection of handcrafted leather sofas for our customers. These sofas are made from the finest Materials combined with the pride of our craftsmanship. Our brand manufactures the collection in the city of Altamura (BA) Italy.  At every stage, the research and development team of our brand makes sure to use the finest raw materials: Italian leather from the best manufacturers, high-quality fabrics with high thread density, stain-resistant and liquid-resistant fabrics. Micro fabrics and suede fabrics. orthopedic seats with polyurethane and elastic belts or systems combined with isolated springs for better ergonomics comfort and solid wood base.
All these materials combine together to create a quality finished product, handmade according to the Italian tradition passed down from generation to generation in the company’s factory.
, We present the collection of sofas that interprets all the styles of contemporary living
Along with the classic traditional collection you will find a variety of special modern systems that offer maximum compositional freedom, consisting of modular elements such as lift up headrests, lift up arm seats, USB connection, Bluetooth and sound system, that can be adapted to the living room space according to the size and architect’s plans. The brand’s signature is comfort collection manufactured according to advanced techniques in human engineering . All our models are designed with an emphasis on maximum comfort and quality. Back support and correct Seating position are the main issue that dictates the way our designers work on the way to creating the most comfortable and high-quality upholstery sofas. the understanding of customers’ needs and the establishment of good relationships with professional suppliers is the center of the company’s successful business, thus ensuring the company great credibility in the field of upholstered furniture.

Our motto is:

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit."